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Meet Britt, our Tasting Room Manager

We asked our new Tasting Room Manager, Britt (he/they) to share a bit about himself and how he came to join the Lucky Pigeon Brewing team.

I was born and raised in the Biddeford/Saco area and left after high school to live in California for about 15 years with lots of travel in between. I was a bit of a wanderer before finally settling in Sacramento for six years where I worked with Sac Brew Bike, a tour company with 15-person party bikes.

With Sac Brew Bike, we’d load the bikes with people and pedal around the sights of Sacramento including local bars and breweries. I started as tour driver and was promoted to manager a year later where I forged partnerships with local breweries and bars, and supported private and community events in the tap room. I wore a lot of hats in the business, which I loved because I’m naturally restless so the more dynamic the role I have the better as it keeps me interested and motivated.

I was lucky to strike up a conversation about my work with Sac Brew Bike with Nic and Pidge while visiting Lucky Pigeon. Pidge shared later that Nic had a funny look on his face as we spoke. Little did I know that they had just been talking about finding “some sort of unicorn person” with similar diverse experience as an upcoming hire for the tasting room. He whispered over his shoulder to Pidge, “I think our unicorn is sitting at the bar!” Luckily, I was available to reprise another dynamic role in this industry, this time in my hometown.

I moved back home a year and half ago and am excited to see that Biddeford has grown a lot, especially in terms of diversity. Something that I did at Brew Bike that I want to continue here is community building. Lucky Pigeon has done a great job of creating a sense of community in the tasting room and partnering with growing businesses too. Diving back into this work where I grew up has been a new and exciting experience.

The main thing you’ll see me doing at Lucky Pigeon is pouring beers behind the bar, but I’ll also be jumping in wherever help in needed: from event-planning, booking food trucks, deliveries, canning runs, to dipping into the world of gluten-free brewing. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to help Scott do his magic in the brewing process.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is that I have had a very eclectic life. My wife and I like to joke around that I’ve had a dozen different lives. Not only have I survived and recovered from being hit by vehicles multiple times, but I have spent time in industries and environments that vary wildly.

There were times in my life where I was working on farms and vineyards in Europe, on farms in California, performing with a fire spinning crew in Nevada City, CA where I also performed in conclave at burning man. I’ve also completed massage school, yoga training, taught Kettle Bell classes and earned a barber’s license. Recently, I tried my hand at working in the auto body and commercial painting industries. There isn’t a lot I won’t try in my search of finding what feels right and enjoyable for me, that’s why I’m glad to have found Lucky Pigeon, so far it feels like home.

It has been really refreshing to come into a job that feels less like work and more like an opportunity to be involved in the creation of something new and special. The impact of the product – gluten-free beer – is undeniable. People are so grateful and excited to be able to experience something that they felt they were not going to be able to have in a brewery tasting room. That, along with the culture of the space that allows for folks to show up as their authentic selves, creates a really special combination. I, for one have been able to appreciate both: being able to drink delicious gluten-free beer and feel seen as my authentic self.

My favorite beer you ask? My go-to is usually the Little Brown Job brown ale, however, it really depends on the day. Cheers!



We were delighted when Aaron Dutremble (IG: @aaron_dutremble) approached us to ask about making a short video on Lucky Pigeon. It’s fantastic to have something to capture our early days in this venture and the reasons why we decided to start Maine’s first dedicated gluten-free craft brewery.